Club Policies
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Heartland Dog Training & Education Foundation
There Are Just a Few Things We Need You to Know!  
  • You may bring a disposable water dish for your dog and store it on the shelves for the
duration of the class. It should be an empty plastic dish, something that can be thrown
away when the class is over. Please put your dog's name on the dish.
  • You will be given a folder at the first class that you may use to keep your hand-out
sheets. You will be asked to refer back to them during the class session.
  • Part of your homework is to thoroughly read your lesson sheets. While we do
demonstrate everything in class, we do not read, word for word, everything on the
informational sheets. The lesson sheets serve as a reminder as to what you practice
for the week.
  • You'll need to pick up after your dog. Use the designated exercise area only. We
have small plastic bags just outside the front door and in a mailbox by the dumpster.
Dispose of the bags in the dumpster. See below for the best way to pick up!
  • Children are welcome, but they must be under control. They must remain seated and
quiet during the class and not be running around or jumping on or off the bleachers.
Please instruct your children to always ask an owner before they reach out to pet a
strange dog. Some dogs are not accustomed to children and this will help avoid any
  • Please place only empty cups in the wastebaskets. We recycle the cans, so soda
cans may be crushed and disposed of in the waste can behind the refrigerator (a can
crusher is attached to the lid.)
  • If we are ever asked for references from prospective students, we would offer them
the opportunity to choose whom they wish to call from our class applications, both
past and present. They are not given a "hand picked" list of students to call. If you
would have any objections to anyone calling to ask you for an opinion of Heartland,
please let us know.
  • Sometimes we photograph classes with the intention of using certain pictures in our
advertising. If you would not wish a photo of you or your dog being used, tell us and we
will be sure to respect your wishes.
If you do not tell us, we will assume that we have
your permission.

  • We want you to enjoy your training and will do everything we can to help you with any
special problems you may be having with your dog. If you do not understand the
instructions we give to you, please ask us to explain further. Ask questions. We consider
all questions important, no matter how small.
Please Pickup After Your Dog!

Nothing is worse than stepping in a pile of dog poo! We provide small plastic
bags just outside the facility door and in a mailbox by the dumpster
To pick up after your dog eliminates, put your hand in the
plastic bag and pick up the solid waste

Grasping the waste, turn your hand so the palm is up

Slip the bag away from your hand and up over the waste

Secure with a twist tie or knot the bag and Dispose in the garbage dumpster

Be green! and reuse the plastic shopping bags from the store
or use the plastic bag that the newspaper comes in.

Of course, there’s always the cute doo doo bags with cute
containers that hang from your belt or leash from the pet store!