Each training facility has a different method of instructing classes. Before you invest in any dog
training program, visit the classes and observe the procedure to determine if it will be right for you
and your dog.
*Will need to evaluate your skills prior to acceptance into the class. We have found that in most
circumstances our methods are different enough that it will impact your training.

Heartland methods follow the AKC Novice Platform for obedience training.
The following is a link to their rules:  

All Dogs Are Welcome - Exceptions are Wolf, Coyote, Fox or mixes of those listed

Rally is a dog sport that is a cross between Canine Good Citizen and the world of obedience. The main goal of
Rally is to have fun with your dog and to produce dogs that have been trained to behave in the home, in public
places and in the presence of other dogs. This class is a 6 week course and meets on Wednesday - $50.00

Rally Application

For All Classes...Veterinarian proof of vaccination (print-out form) against Rabies, Parvo and
Distemper MUST be provided at sign-up or your first class. Puppies need only proof of
vaccinations required for their age.  
Rally Application

Dogs that have completed a Beginners obedience class can now take the next step in their training. More
advanced work will be completed, such as teaching your dog how to be a Canine Good Citizen, how to walk with
a loose leash through a crowd and hand signals, as well as an increase in the commands your dog will respond
to. This class is a 1-hour, 6 week course and meets on Thursday - $50.00

Intermediate Application
Now that your dog is mentally more mature, the lessons will be more formal. At the end of the 8-week session you
can expect your dog to walk at your side without pulling and to sit when you stop without a command from you.
Your dog will be able to stand quietly while being groomed, petted or at the vets office. The command to either
“Sit, Stay” or “Down Stay” to your dog will mean just that and your dog will “Come” when called. The success of
teaching your dog these basic manners depends on YOU! If you have 20 minutes a day for 8 weeks to devote to
training, you will have the lifetime of your dog to enjoy the benefits of PAWS THAT BEHAVE. This is a 1-hour
class lasting for 8 weeks. The fee is $100.00 and includes a training collar.

Beginner Application
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Pre-Novice/Novice Obedience Classes* (Pre-requisite: Intermediate Class)

If you have a desire to show your dog in Competition Obedience for Pure Bred and Mixed Breeds or just want to
continue with your dog for the fun of it, this is the class for you. This is a 6 week course and meets on Thursday
for one hour (concurrent with Intermediate) - $50.00

Pre-Dog Ownership Session        

Owning a dog is a great responsibility. This session is designed to help you understand what is involved. If you
are undecided about the kind of dog you want, we will try to help you pick a breed that will fit your life style. We
will have various breeds, both adult and puppy for you to see. We will inform you of the questions you should ask
when you do purchase your puppy. This informational class will help you a great deal in obtaining the Dog that's
right for you. There is no charge for this session.
Please Call for Appointment
Session for the Owners of Puppies Up To 12 Weeks of Age

Since puppies are not protected by inoculation against disease until they are about 12 weeks of age, this session
is for the owners. You can begin your puppy’s training as early as 8 weeks of age. This session will start you on a
program of housebreaking and general household manners. If you are aware of the possible problems you may
encounter with your puppy and how to correct those problems, you will be able to cope with the weeks before you
enroll in a structured puppy class. If your puppy has had its inoculations, you may bring it to class. There is no
charge for this session.
Please Call for Appointment
nicely on a leash, come when called, to sit, to lay down, to stand and to stay in that position for a short period of
time. We also cover teaching your puppy that they cannot go out of a door without permission, teaching your pup
to come to you when they hear you use a whistle. Housebreaking, chewing, nutrition, household grooming, etc. is
also discussed. Your puppy must have its inoculations required for its age, This is a family type class and everyone
is invited to come and watch. This class is a 6 week course and meets on Tuesday or Friday - $70.00

Puppy Application