Heartland offers classes and consultations regarding pre-dog
ownership, new dog ownership and consultations to owners
who are experiencing problems with their dogs. The Foundation
supports a local group of therapy dogs. Therapy dogs and their
owners visit many locations in the community, including hospitals
nursing homes and other residential facilities. The warm,
unconditional connection between people and dog provides a
therapeutic benefit to residents of these facilities.
In 1997, Joan Segler, with the support of Chuck Summers, formed
the Heartland Dog Training and Education Foundation, as a
non-profit organization to promote community awareness of
responsible dog ownership and to enhance the human and animal

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Directions to Heartland

  • 3-1/2 miles North of the McCluggage Bridge on Route 29 (Galena Road)
  • One mile North of Gardener Lane (Forrest Park Drive)
  • 3 1/2 miles South of Route 6
  • Turn off Route 29 at the Seaway Marina entrance (large "BOATS" sign)
  • Turn right, after crossing the railroad tracks and follow the lane in front of Quality Metals
  • Turn left, to go between the Quality Metal plant and office building
  • Turn right, into our facility!
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Heartland Dog Training & Education Foundation
  • The Foundation has donated to worthy local causes such as the
St. Jude Midwest Affiliate, Methodist Medical Center, Peoria
Animal Welfare Shelter and the Father Sweeney Home
  • Demonstrations for civic and community groups such as the Boy
    Scouts, 4-H clubs, Women's Lifestyle Show, Family Fest at the
    Peoria Civic Center, Senior Expo, at Expo Gardens, HOI Fair,
  • Animal fund raising activities, such as the Peoria Humane
    Society's annual Bark in the Park
  • Not-for-profit demonstrations, such as Paws with Santa,
    sponsored by Foster Pet Outreach and Paws for a Cause,
    sponsored by Paws Giving Independence
The Foundation is grateful to the large number of volunteers who
so that these students will know the ultimate joy of having a
companion that is a well-mannered part of the family. The of pet
ownership will reduce the number of dogs that are euthanized
each year because of behavior problems.
Because of its non-profit status, the Foundation exists through
donations and gifts of many types, including monetary or material
donations. Volunteers offer one of the most precious gifts; their time.